Experience Darkness background

Experience Darkness

Mixed assortment of Dark Beers

<0.5 - 13.9%

$94.00 ea
Brewed withRoasted malts, chocolate, barrels, essence of event-horizon (1/2 tsp)
First releasedJune 2024

Your one-stop-shop for all things Dark Beer at GP this winter. Each pack contains:

- 1x BLACK Beer 330ml
BEER, But Darker 4.8%
- 1x SNUG 440ml
Warming Irish Stout 5%
- 1x Surrender To The Void: Peppermint Chocolate 440ml
Peppermint Chocolate Imperial Stout 11.5%
- 1x The Great Deluge 375ml OR 750ml OR Both
Sour Porter 7.8%
- 1x Black Octave
Whisky Barrel Aged Triple Vanilla Stout 13.9%
- 2x Tiny Stout 330ml
Day-and-night Stout <0.5%

"Hey Pete, we've got a bit of a shortlist of dark brews for the first week of winter. Maybe pick two or three and we'll see how they go"

Pete: Yes