FRESH July 2024 background

FRESH July 2024

Monthly Hazy IPA


$45.00 ea
Brewed withLuminosa, Mosaic, Peacharine
First releasedJuly 2024

Fresh IPA, a rolling, ever changing, monthly series of one offs, brewed in small batches and available only from our brewery outlets and only while stocks last. Each batch is an opportunity to try a new brewery fresh IPA, unfiltered and unfined, showcasing a unique combination of yeast, malt and hops. Just fun, fresh hoppy beer at its best.

Sure - it's cold, but things are looking up, and FRESH July is packed with extra juicy goodness to ward off those winter blues.

We've thrown the whole grain store in for an extra hearty texture. Plus Luminosa, a new hop variety from the Willamette Valley, Oregon - described as 'peach-mango lemonade' which sounds pretty bloody great to us. It's paired with Mosaic and Freestyle's Peacharine as a massive dry-hop - with a touch of late cryo, hot-side for structure.

The result? A sweet citrus explosion. Luscious hazy Meyer Lemon topped with titanium white foam. Pineapple and lemon candy on the nose with a glistening of creamy vanilla. The first sip - sweet lemon meringue pie and cream, leading to a fruit cocktail of star fruit, lychee and rambutan. A long and lush finish - but not cloying - ending clean, just in time for the next sip.

Longer days and FRESH IPAs. what's not to love?

Pete Gillespie

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