Hazy Party Pack background

Hazy Party Pack


5.8% - 6.3%

$60.00 ea

It's no secret that we love a Hazy IPA here at Garage Project, this pack is a great representation of our love for the style. 

Featuring our cult-classic East Coast IPA Party & Bulls*hit, our newly released Mango & Miso Hazy IPA Special Sauce and our latest iteration of Hazy Daze!

Dive in and take yourself on a journey through the highway of haze.

This pack includes: 

6-Pack, 2x Special Sauce 440ml Cans, 2x Party & Bullshit 440ml Cans, 2x Hazy Daze Sabro, Strata, Simcoe 440ml Cans. 

12-Pack, 4x Special Sauce 440ml Cans, 4x Party & Bullshit 440ml Cans, 4x Hazy Daze Sabro, Strata, Simcoe 440ml Cans.