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La Calavera Catrina Poster

$10.00 ea

La Calavera Catrina, The Elegant Skull. The little sister to our original dead head is as blonde as Day of the Dead is dark, but don't be fooled, she's no lightweight. Brewed with maize, an ingredient you'd normally associate with much blander lager offerings, Catrina is fired up with an assertive chili heat from a generous addition of Habaneros, and spiked with rose water and yes - watermelon. The result is cheeky, complex and fiery - what more could you want in the Lady of Death? The elegant skull helps us remember that 'Death brings this neutralizing force; everyone is equal in the end. This was the driving force behind brewing this beer, come celebrate and rejoice in cycle of life and death with us.

This stunning design is an original painting from Wellington artist Autumn with graphic design by Anton Hart.

*Frame not included