Madam Mahvash Poster – Garage Project

Madam Mahvash Poster

About the beer: Are you prepared for the wonders of ancient Persia? Mahvash awaits with her cup of divination, filled to the brim with the mysteries of the seven heavens. Marvellous Madame Mahvash, a powerful, strong blonde ale, brewed with Persian Pashmak in place of the usual candy sugar, infused with rose water, dried omani limes and tinted candy floss pink with a touch of natural magic. Come, gaze into the cup if you dare.

About the artist: Stuart Thomas hails from 'The Naki' originally, and now spends his days as a concept artist at Weta Workshop. At university he studied industrial design, fascinated by the creation of items and the manufacturing process. This is in contrast to his illustrations of anthropomorphic characters featured in the book, but he integrates his knowledge of design extensively into his art.