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Out of the Woods

Native Wood Fermented Dark Ale


$17.00 ea
First released11 August 2020
Brewed withTen different malts, infused with Totara Rimu and Manuka.

Out of the Woods, inspired by and infused with the New Zealand forest. Ten different malts create a dark complex malt base, infused with totara rimu and manuka, fermented with a mixture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Brettanomyces in an open topped wooden fermenter, then barrel aged for over two years, before being given another infusion of Kawa Kawa. The result balances tartness with rich malt notes and bursts with complex, earthy, herbal, woody character. An utterly unique beer, brewed in collaboration with Cigar City's inimitable Wayne Wambles.

Art By: Toni Hartill