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Papa Flash Limited Edition Screen Print background
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Papa Flash Limited Edition Screen Print

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A moment frozen in time. Our first true cider, made with juice 'scrumped' from Peckham's Cider orchard in Autumn. The juice is first frozen, to concentrate its sugars and hold it in 'suspended animation', then spontaneously fermented the following Spring using only the yeast found on wild apple blossoms, before being aged for over 9 months in brandy barrels. The result is as complex as the process - fearsomely strong but eminently drinkable with an aromatic, dry, cider apple palate lifted with a sweet touch of barrel oak and brandy. Two precious barrels are all that exist of this very limited Wild Workshop release.Huge thanks to the lovely people at Peckham's.

Limited edition screen prints by Fay & Walter

*Frame not included