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Pickle Back Pickle Pack

Mixed Cucumber Dill Pickle Sour


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ArtistStacey Robson

Say that three times fast.

Pickle Beer! A clean, refreshing sour beer inspired by the burger’s classic companion - the dill pickle. Naturally kettle soured and infused with cucumber, dill, and pickle spice. This quirky refreshing beer would be the perfect playmate for the classic cheese burger, fish burger or any other pickle loving burger offering.

And turn up the heat at your pickle party, with Pickle Beer, the Spicy edition! Naturally kettle soured, infused with cucumber, dill and pickle spice, fired up with a generous addition of red hot chilli peppers. Spicy, refreshing and disarmingly delicious. It’s getting hot in here!

Originally brewed for the Visa Wellington on a Plate Pickle Diner, a spicy collaboration with our pals over at Fred's who make the yummest sandwiches in town.

Each Pickle Back Pickle Pack contains 

6x Spicy Pickle Beer 330mlChilli Cucumber Dill Pickle Sour, 4.3%
**1x Pickle Bottle Opener
**Dill Pickle Beverage Leverage Implement, non-alc

Art by: Stacey Robson