Red Rocks Reserve

First released April '12

Style: Seasonal

Style: special

Alcohol: 6.5%

Brewed with: Nelson Sauvin

Currently unavailable

Red Rocks Reserve is one of our most anticipated annual releases. A base red ale is brewed and then with a nod to an ancient brewing technique known as 'Stein Bier', the beer is passed through a giant hop back containing rocks, super heated in a hard Manuka wood fire to over 500c. Finally, the beer is given an additional pass through a hop back stuffed full of whole cone Nelson Sauvin.
The end result is a beer with rich juicy jam and toffee sweetness from all those caramelised sugars, layered with distinctive lush hop aroma. An old world brewing technique meets new world hops.

An old world brewing technique meets new world hops

Red Rocks Reserve