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Reserve Dry

Guest: Wild Fermented Cider


$24.00 ea
First released2021
Brewed withApples & Wild Yeast

Garage Project & Peckham’s have always been close, sharing a mutual love of exploration through high quality bevvies. From pouring their kegs at our Taproom to making our own cider with juice from their orchard, and now offering a limited run of their famous ciders. Collaboration always starts with friendship!

Our great friends at Peckhams make delicious cider! If you're looking for something a little different, give it a go. A great option for gluten free folks too. 

The 2021 vintage of our Reserve Dry is a blend of soft and gentle Yarlington Mill and a couple of other of Peckhams favourite cider apples, aged in French oak.

A naturally complex, wild fermented, bone dry cider. Rich, earthy, apple peel characters. Texture buttery, finish dry with natural tannins balanced by a long, oaky finish.

Apples: Yarlington Mill, Stoke Red, Harry Masters Jersey

Yeasts: Wild yeasts 

Residual sweetness: < 1g/l

Serve: Cellar temp. (10 - 13°C)

Art by: Michael Peckham.