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Shinrin Yoku

Barrel Aged Blended Cherry Blossom Sour with Ume & Sencha Green Tea


$13.00 ea
First released2020

Literally 'forest bathing' in Japanese, Shinrin-yoku is the calming and rejuvenative act of walking slowly through a forest, allowing the senses to 'bathe' in the natural stimuli around you. Inspired by Shinrin-yoku, this mixed ferment sour has been barrel aged on Japanese ume plums, blended with another aged sour fermented using only sakura (wild cherry blossom), and then infused with the finest Japanese sencha green tea. Close your eyes, take a stroll and let delicate notes of plum, almond, new grass and blossom wash over your senses. Your own forest bath in a bottle.

Art by: Rebecca ter Borg