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Single Barrel #097: Fruited Roselare background

Single Barrel #097: Fruited Roselare

Fruited Roeselare Sour


$45.00 ea
First releasedJuly 2023
Brewed withWhole cone hops, mixed house culture, raspberry, boysenberry, blackberry.

Name: Fruited Roeselare
Ingredients: Malts; Pilsner, Vienna, Dark Munich, Dark Crystal, Shepherds Delight. Whole Cone Hops, Water, Mixed Culture
Date Filled: 12/11/20
Date Emptied: 17/03/22
Time in Barrel: 14 Months
Barrel Type: French Oak, Ex Red Wine, 228L
Titratable Acidity/ 8.6gL-1 lactic acid
pH: 3.25
Alcohol: 7.5% by vol.
Std. drinks: 4.4

NOTES: Primary Fermented in stainless steel and then extended aging in red wine barrel, racked to stainless and refermented on whole raspberries, boysenberries and black berries for 8 months.

Lesson: "What will come from the briar but the berry - Irish Proverb"

Art by: Tim Walter Hansen