Single Barrel #602: Blueberry background

Single Barrel #602: Blueberry

50/50 Blueberry Sour


$45.00 ea
First releasedMay 2022
Brewed withWater, Malt, Hops, Mixed culture, Blueberries.

Single Barrel 602 Name: Blueberry 1 to 1 Ingredients: Water, Malt, Hops, Mixed culture, Blueberries

Date Filled: 12/03/19 Date Emptied: 15/07/21 Time in Barrel: 28 months Barrel Type French Oak, Red Wine TA/ Ph: 8.8g/l lactic, 3.35pH Alc: 7.33%

Notes: More fruit than we've ever used before, literally 1:1 plump ripe blueberries to mixed ferment sour beer, blended and refermented together.

Possibly the most astonishingly colourful and precocious fruit beers we've ever created? Lesson: Nothing succeeds like excess - Oscar Wilde

Art by: Tim Walter Hansen.