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Strawberry Frost

Pink Marshmallow & Strawberry Imperial Milkshake Sour


$46.50 ea
Brewed withMosaic, Motueka hops, Marshmallows, Strawberry, Gelato Terpene, Lactose
First releasedJuly 2024
ArtistTroix Kokich

Time to chill. Strawberry Frost, Imperial Milkshake Sour, brewed with pink marshmallows, Mosaic, Motueka and new US hop variety Pink, strawberry puree, a double dose of full cream lactose sugar and a subtle twist of gelato terpene. It’s a hazy pink tinged blend of creamy sweet and strawberry smoothie sour, with a delicate dank gelato twist. Like citrus sunshine sparkling on a field of pink sugar frosted strawberries.

Contains Lactose