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Summer Sessions Gift Pack background

Summer Sessions Gift Pack

Gift Pack

4.0 - 6.2%

$49.00 ea

Summer’s sorted with our Summer Sessions Gift Pack.

A curated selection of our most popular craft brews, this pack is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Featuring six cans, in a ‘greatest hits’ of beer, making for a smashable pairing with this coming sunny season. And to make this sixer a real event, we’ve included a beaut of a brand-new-design GP glass. It’s the perfect set up for a long, hot summer afternoon, with flavours to please every palate - a range with a little bit of excitement but every one a refreshing, undemanding gulper.

All of this delight, packaged up in one of our custom designed Garage Project gift pack boxes. No wrapping required!

Go on, tell them how you feel - say it with beer.

Each Summer Sessions Gift Pack includes:

Good Shout Hoppy Ultra Low Carb | 330ml, 4.0%
Say hello to Good Shout, our game-changing Hoppy Ultra Low Carb beer. At more than 99% carb free, only 92 calories per can, less than 20 ppm gluten and sitting at a sessionable 4%, Good Shout is all killer, no filler.

Pickle Beer Cucumber Dill Pickle Sour | 330ml, 4.3%
A clean, refreshing sour beer inspired by the burger's classic companion - the dill pickle. Naturally kettle soured and infused with cucumber, dill, and pickle spice.

Bliss Kiwi Backyard Lager | 330ml, 4.5%.
Brewed with New Zealand malt and Motueka hops, Bliss is fermented cold and stored at subzero temperatures to produce a delicately crisp, clean, easy drinking lager.

Chipper Hazy Pale Ale | 330ml, 5.0%
A cheerful, upbeat little hazy. Brewed with plump, juicy NZ grown barley and oats and a choice selection of our favourite hops to produce a smooth, easy drinking beer, loaded with lush tropical fruit juice flavour and aroma.

Liquid Refreshment Kiwi Hopped NZ IPA | 330ml, 5.6%
Care for a Liquid Refreshment? Bright golden 100% Kiwi Hopped NZ IPA with a clean, snappy bitterness and luscious lifted notes of citrus, feijoa and ripe stone fruit. Just pure refreshment - it’s Kiwi in a can.

Party & Bullsh#*t East Coast Anthem IPA | 330ml, 6.2%.
A big ol' hop poppa of a beer, packing in intense mango, tropical fruit hit from US big guns, Simcoe and Mosaic. It's just bigger and juicier than its bitter West Coast counterpart, like sippin' hazy hop nectar from a can. It's all good. 330ml can.

Spaceman Glass | 500ml
The optimal vessel for the perfect summer session.

Don’t worry - your beer journey doesn’t end here. Try our GP Starter or GP Hops Packs to try something new.