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Garage Project Gift Pack

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$39.50 ea

The classic Garage Project Gift Pack!

This pack features an array of our classic brews from our Aro Street brewery - perfect for a day in the sun or after a long day in the office. 

This pack includes:

1 x 750ml bottle box

1 x Bliss (Kiwi Backyard Lager 4.5%)

1 x Electric Dry Hop Acid Test (Dry Hopped Kettle Sour 4.2%)

1 x Hops on Pointe (Champagne Pilsner 6.75%)

1 x DFA (Chilli, Mango, Lime IPA 7.5%)

1 x Hapi Daze (Pacific Pale Ale 4.6%)

1 x Golden Path (Hazy India Pale Ale 4%)

1 x Garage Project Stem Glass