The Iconic Pete Gillespie Trucker Cap – Garage Project

The Iconic Pete Gillespie Trucker Cap

For several years this trucker cap has been a firm fixture on the head of our very own Pete Gillespie. It all started when Pete locked eyes for the first time with the White Trash Racoon, a wily wee fellow, and thought to himself:"I must get me a hat like that". And so it was: in time for the White Trash launch party a trucker cap (just like that of the racoon's) had appeared on Pete's head, and on the heads of a select few around him. Only five were ever made, many of which disapperead into the ether long ago - but not Pete's. Imbued with the steam of a hundred run-offs, guiding his sight as he peered into many a mash tun and shading his eyes from the bright white of Wellington skies through countless meetings on the forecourt of the brewery. The trucker cap has been a constant companion. Recently, after years of day-in-day-out hard wear, Pete made his first attempt at washing one. Sadly, though it has been a trusty companion through thick and thin, the burden of its lifetime was too much and it raised it's weary arms to the heavens as it took it's last breath, sighing "I'll always be with you, Pete".

Now, help us celebrate it's legacy. We have made the iconic Pete Gillespie trucker cap available in an extremely limited run, so that you too can have the magic of the trucker on your side.