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TINY + My Food Bag Pack

Perfectly Paired Bundle

$27.00 ea
First releasedJuly 2022

Spicing up your July is our newest collaboration, with My Food Bag! To celebrate that Tiny is now available to order as a part of your My Food Bag deliveries, the flavour fiends over at My Food Bag have perfectly paired our beer with a variety of exclusive DIY recipes and specially-designed spice mixes.

Recipes in the booklet include Fried Chicken Bao Buns and Indian Cumin Battered Fish, using the specially designed spice blends to make a banquet with Tiny IPA. Or, use the spice blends however you see fit: a Pineapple & Peanut-spiced salsa or even a Tiny michelada with a Chipotle BBQ-spiced rim!

Dig into great beer and great food to get your mouth watering - what more could you want?!

This Pack includes:

4 x 330ml cans Tiny IPA

1 x My Food Bag mini-cookbook

5 x custom-matched spice mixes

*Contains Peanuts