Pernicious Yuzu Weed – Garage Project
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Pernicious Yuzu Weed

Original cult classic Pernicious Weed, now in delicious Yuzu flavour.

Super sour fresh Yuzu zest and freshly squeezed juice collide head on with Nelson Sauvin and Rakau in a giant-foamy-super-golden-fruity-citrus-hop -bomb-explosion!

It shouldn't taste this good, but it does.

Yuzu season is traditionally the time of year when half the brew team and most of the staff (in passing) watches the Lord of the Rings trilogy as they hand zest mountains of Yuzu. In 2019 we outsourced our Yuzu prep for the first time, and our lives were a little bit less epic because of it. As a bit of a joke we made Yuzu Pernicious Weed one year then almost wished we hadn’t because it tasted so good, which of course now means even more zesting and juicing. ARTIST’s? remix of Ev Purdie’s original art looks awesome, like an old film poster for the Japanese dubbed version of Pernicious Weed. We have a bit of a thing for Yuzu at the Garage. If you haven’t come across Yuzu before, it’s a Japanese citrus, like an ugly lemon, with the most divine flavour and aroma. We’ve been lucky enough to hook up with a lovely bloke called Neville Chun who grows the fruit locally. I think we now single handedly use his whole crop. It’s probably fair to say that it’s a love hate relationship with Yuzu - we love how it tastes in beer but the process of zesting and juicing the volumes of fruit necessary is arduous to say the least - just ask any of the Garage staff who have been press ganged into it over the years.

Artist: Evan Purdie & Hadley Donaldson.