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Savoir Faire Pinot Noir Raspberry '18

49% Pinot Noir Grapes to 51% Wort

9.0% ABV

$35.00 ea

Smooth As Market Bag

14oz Cotton Canvas

$45.00 ea

GP Gift Card

Sent via email

$50.00 ea

Spaceman Glass

Maxi | 500ml

$13.00 ea

Summer Sessions Gift Pack

Gift Pack

4.0 - 6.2% ABV

$49.00 ea

Steel Flagon 2L

2L Stainless Steel Flagon

Abv subject to contents ABV

$45.00 ea

Stone Cold Classics Pack

Mixed variety pack

4.5% - 7.5% ABV

$27.00 ea

Chance, Luck & Magic 2022

Spontaneous Four Year Blend

8.1% ABV

$165.00 ea

The Art Of Beer Book

Garage Project Art

$40.00 ea

OTP Mixed Pack

Wild Fermented Sour

5.0% - 7.5% ABV

$42.00 ea
Sold out

Low & No Core Pack

Low & Non-alc Mixed Pack

$85.00 ea

The GP Core 24-Pack

Assorted core pack

4-5.8% ABV ABV

$95.00 ea
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