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In this collection are all beers currently in stock - lager, hoppy, sour and wild. Dive in!

Garage Project Double Dare

Mango, Pineapple & Passionfruit Smoothie Sour

8.0% ABV

$43.00 ea

Double Double Dare

NEIPA Smoothie Sour Mixer

7.6 - 8.0% ABV

$54.00 ea

Mountain Culture Double Dare

Nelson Lakes NEIPA

7.6% ABV

$68.00 ea

FRESH December '23

Monthly Hazy IPA

7.0% ABV

$45.00 ea
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Best of FRESH 2023

Monthly Hazy IPA

7.0% ABV

$11.50 ea
Sold out

Beast Mode

Burnt Orange, Espresso & Bourbon Imperial Stout

12.3% ABV

$80.00 ea

Chance, Luck & Magic 2022

Spontaneous Four Year Blend

8.1% ABV

$25.00 ea

Party & Bulls#*t

East Coast Anthem IPA

6.2% ABV

$31.00 ea

Duck Island Ambrosia Ice Cream Sour

Ambrosia Ice Cream Sour

4.2% ABV

$37.00 ea


Fruit Cocktail Sour

6.0% ABV

$35.00 ea

I Heart Fruit: Passionfruit & Hibiscus

Fruited Foeder Sour

4.5% ABV

$35.00 ea

Four Legs Good

Session Saison

2.5% ABV

$18.00 ea

Celestial Odyssey

Sour Hazy Hybrid IPA

8.8% ABV

$50.50 ea

Good Shout

Hoppy Ultra Low Carb

4.0% ABV

$24.00 ea

Tiny XPA

Non-Alc XPA

<0.5% ABV

$19.00 ea


Non-Alc Hazy IPA

<0.5% ABV

$19.00 ea

Petite Mort

Brett Summer Session Ale

4.5% ABV

$24.00 ea

12th Anniversary Belgian Quad

Belgian Quad

12.0% ABV

$20.00 ea

Petite Mort Spéciale Réserve

Farmhouse Ale

5.3% ABV

$10.00 ea

Wildflower | Hop Bine

Foraged Hopbine Wildflower Sour

7.5% ABV

$13.00 ea


Pale Lager

4.8% ABV

$23.99 ea

Caife Gaelach

Whisky Coffee Infused Foreign Extra Stout

6.3% ABV

$39.00 ea

Single Barrel #097: Fruited Roselare

Fruited Roeselare Sour

7.5% ABV

$45.00 ea

Liquid Refreshment

Kiwi Hopped NZ IPA

5.6% ABV

$27.00 ea


Warming Irish Stout

5.0% ABV

$31.00 ea

Pilgrims Blend 2023

Mixed Culture Fermentation

8.0% ABV

$13.00 ea


Hazy Pale Ale

5% ABV

$23.99 ea

Hāpi Daze

Pacific Pale Ale

4.6% ABV

$23.99 ea


Hoppy Session Ale

2.2% ABV

$19.00 ea


NZ Pilsner

4% ABV

$95.96 ea



5.8% ABV

$26.99 ea

Pernicious Weed

Monster Hop IIPA

8% ABV

$24.00 ea

The View From Nowhere

Yuzu Blended Stout

9.6% ABV

$13.50 ea

Boss Level

US hopped Ultra IPA

8.5% ABV

$35.00 ea
Sold out

Ghost Light

Hazy IPA

5.2% ABV

$20.00 ea
Sold out

Electric Dry Hop Acid Test

Dry Hopped Kettle Sour

4.20% ABV

$18.00 ea

Aro Noir

Roasted Stout

7% ABV

$22.00 ea


Kiwi Backyard Lager

4.5% ABV

$18.00 ea

Cereal Milk Stout

Breakfast of Champions!

4.7% ABV

$18.00 ea
Sold out

Two Bites

Double Infused Cherry & Blood Peach Sour

8.6% ABV

$13.00 ea
Sold out

Engeltjes Pis


8.2% ABV

$31.00 ea
Sold out

Pils 'n' Thrills

US-hopped Pilsner

5.5% ABV

$4.50 ea
Sold out